Artistic vision

        Artists challenge the status quo, and artworks have the power to unify societies and stir intellectual discussion. Their skills and their knowledge are transmittable, connecting them to the community at large. Culture promotes analytical and critical thinking skills and it encourages creation. Its scope of influence extends far beyond the art world; it promotes diversity and develops adaptive behaviours thereby enriching society.

        Bactria Cultural Centre focuses on developing innovative practices whilst revitalizing and preserving Tajikistan’s traditional means of artistic expression; the two are not mutually exclusive. They potentially represent the symbiotic relationship between the past and the present. The centre emphasises the needs of local communities rather than importing and imposing external values and concepts that do not match the local context and dynamics. Bactria Cultural Centre believes that a revitalized cultural sphere will ultimately contribute to the social and economic development of the state.

        The styles and practices of traditional arts in the Republic of Tajikistan are abundant and these would greatly enrich our global community and challenge the hegemony of mainstream art, culture and behaviours over the modern world. Traditions create an intangible link between each individual and her or his environment, community and collective history. By reviving and preserving traditional arts, BCC gives continuity to a rich cultural heritage.

        Yet, Bactria Cultural Centre also aims to contribute to the appearance of contemporary art practices. The Centre strives to bridge the gap between artists and citizens and to raise awareness about the role of artists as agents of change. It encourages the diversification of mediums and themes, so that artists are freer to explore and address the social consequences of severed ties between the past and the present. Nurturing artistic talent is essential in societies that are struggling to define their national identities as artists find ways to communicate abstractions they prompt discussion and debates, and an educated populace will readily rise up to the challenge. Artistic programs are often the first to be cut when the economy suffers, and Bactria Cultural Centre fills the void left by such measures.