Language courses

Learn the languages with us: French, English, Persian, Russian, Tajik. Date of registration from August 21 2017 to 11 September 2017.

Courses in «Bactria» are:

Advanced methodology based on recognized international textbooks of Oxford University Modern technologies and creativity in the teaching process (film screenings, listening to audio, creating presentations, discussions, role-playing games) Native speakers and local teachers with international qualifications.

Language courses are organized at BCC such ways:

Group classes, Private Classes, Groups Classes for Organizations and other Companies, Private classes for Organizations and other Companies, etc….

Bactria also welcomes you:

· In its library (CD, DVD, books, comics strips, dictionaries,…)

· For the free clubs of conversation in English (every Thursday at 17.00) and in French (every Friday at 16.00) with native speakers.

· Preparation for the international examinations (DELF / TOEFL, IELTS)

· The only place in Tajikistan gives you an opportunity to pass and obtain a diploma of DELF/DALF international French language examination.

· During its cultural events: exhibitions, movies, concerts, shows,…

        In order to counter the continued deterioration of Tajikistan’s educational infrastructure, Bactria Cultural Centre aims to democratise access to information and education by offering foreign-language courses and vocational trainings.

        Language courses are the main focus of our Education Department: Bactria Cultural Centre aims to create a friendly atmosphere for learners of different ages to develop their foreign language communication skills. We aim to keep learners’ interest in languages by exploring multiple aspects of human communications; creative writing, reading short stories, enacting role plays, practising rhetoric and persuasive composition are all part of our communicative approach. Learners are taught how to infer meaning from texts, and apply what they have learned in their analysis to their own writing. Bactria employs innovative approaches to ensure effective language teaching, using complementary theories and methodologies to understand how learners can best engage with and progress in their chosen language. The mission of the department is to use spoken, written, visual and digital forms of communication to engage learners in the real-world context of their chosen language.

        Bactria receives over 1200 registrations per year for its language courses (English, French, Russian and Persian) which are taught by a team of 12 teachers supervised by the Director of Educational Programs. We offer our services to pupils, students and employees, both Tajik and foreigners. In this regard, Bactria Cultural Centre has established itself as a key complementary structure to pre-existing Tajik educational institutions.