Language courses (Autumn session)

Learn the languages with us: French, English, Persian, Russian, Tajik. Date of registration from August 21 2017 to 11 September 2017.

Courses in «Bactria» are:

Advanced methodology based on recognized international textbooks of Oxford University Modern technologies and creativity in the teaching process (film screenings, listening to audio, creating presentations, discussions, role-playing games) Native speakers and local teachers with international qualifications.

Language courses are organized at BCC such ways:

Group classes, Private Classes, Groups Classes for Organizations and other Companies, Private classes for Organizations and other Companies, etc….

Price of languages:

English language 600 somoni (group classes)

French language 550 somoni (group classes)

for other languages please contact us...

BCC accept people from age 12+ for language courses.

Bactria also welcomes you:

· In its library (CD, DVD, books, comics strips, dictionaries,…)

· For the free clubs of conversation in English (every Thursday at 17.00) and in French (every Friday at 16.00) with native speakers.

· Preparation for the international examinations (DELF / TOEFL, IELTS)

· The only place in Tajikistan gives you an opportunity to pass and obtain a diploma of DELF/DALF international French language examination.

· During its cultural events: exhibitions, movies, concerts, shows,…